Personalized Art Acquisition

Fred - Owner And Can Source Any Warhol Etc.

Fred did not have a real art appreciation for the first half of his life. His parents dragged him to old school museums and Operas and he hated it.
10 Years after college (engineering at MIT, wrong side of the Brian), he found a passion in contemporary art. The creative side flowed. He developed a keen interest in pop art. While he researched artists for investment returns, he focused on what he felt like when he woke up and saw his art.

It has paid huge dividends (Mostly in pride and smiles, but yes, huge financial gains too.
He has collected dozens of Warhols, Lichensteins, Dines, Jasper Johns, etc. and loves sharing his knowledge and passion with like better minds or like aspiring minds.

We have unique expertise in listening to styles and desires and can match you to the best artist and media. Depending on your room, sculpture may be great, or mixing with a wood burn in in a play room or trendy setting. has the expertise and connections to find you art that you want to wake up to. In most cases we can avoid brokerage fees and auctions. We have just a dozen or so pre-vetted artists. If you like one but don’t see an exact match to the place you will show it, lets talk.

If you want an established master, we can help guide you and make it fun, cost effective and rewarding.

Some recent sourcing’s: