Unique Contemporary Abstract Art

Lynn Marie - Visual Artist

Lynn Marie has found a door to a place, a source, it is here that her art takes form. In the studio, time seems to stand still, unlimited possibilities flow and magic is known.

Lynn Marie’s creations are impactful and powerful, holding the essence of the Masters, but directed by a fearless and a free expression that is uniquely her own.

Years of creative exploration through experimentation and technique, has led Lynn Marie to develop her impressions of thoughts and feelings onto canvas. Her love of abstract art is natural and an extension of her curiosity and wonder for life.

Lynn Marie’s paintings are sought out by both private and public collectors as well as art curators and interior designers.
Her love of color, abstract and expressionism, along with mystery and mysticism comes through in each unique piece she creates. Drawing inspiration from the ocean and surrounding nature allows for a deeper connection with her soulful paintings .

$ 5800