Cool Info

Cool Info

I founded this company because I was a very high level executive with a Masters from MIT…a dork. I developed severe anxiety from work. Then I found POP art. I would look at it every morning before work and when I got home after much stress. It calmed me. It soothed me and changed my perspective on what’s important.

Everyone has their own reasons but if we can help one person enjoy their life and keep one artist inspired to create, then we have made this difficult world just a little bit better

On this journey I got to know the contemporary masters. Now I am trying to share my passion and knowledge with both amateur investors and sophisticated aficionados. I will only take on 10 artists I trust with my heart. They are all so inspiring and most are working 70+ hour weeks to fuel their passion. It is amazing.

Modern art, painting, sculpture, architecture, and graphic arts characteristic of the 20th and 21st centuries and of the later part of the 19th century. Modern art embraces a wide variety of movements, theories, and attitudes whose modernism resides particularly in a tendency to reject traditional, historical, or academic forms and conventions in an effort to create an art more in keeping with changed social, economic, and intellectual conditions.

Lincoln Road in South Beach Miami used to be an artist mecca.  In our pursuit of the best up and coming modern artists we spent 10 days interviewing artists and galleries to find the best new modern artists. We do this to make sure we represent the best in terms of style, talent and appreciation.  This is our value add for you.  Eden Gallery is one of the tops. I encourage you to visit them if you are in Miami.  Obviously we can help facilitate but have fun , actually would be excited if your just went to them. We just love art like they do.